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Healthy Living: Keeping Kids Positive

Have kids always been so negative?  I see it at every youth sporting event.  Kids get so down on themselves!  If they make an error in the field, a mistake at the plate or foul on the court.  The shrugged shoulders, teary eyes, slammed bats and gloves.  What the heck is going on with these kids!!  Reece, my stepson, is typically a very positive nine-year old.  But if an umpire makes a call he doesn’t like or if a ball gets by him in the infield…look out!!  Out comes an attitude that turns him into a kid you wouldn’t recognize.


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Undoubtedly if you have ever coached or been in the stands of a little league event you have seen this type of behavior.  So, how do we handle it?

It’s a little bit easier if it is not your child.  One of our kids was really down on at our game on Saturday.  He is a son of a family friend.  My wife, Clarissa, walked over to him and put her arm around him.  Said a few things to him that seemed to work.  He was bright eyed and bushy tailed in no time!

The boys father was close by and thanked Clarissa for helping out.  Later in the game the boy made an unbelievable stop at second base to save what would have been an extra base hit.

Another example involves one of my favorite past players.  He was in the opposing dugout at the same game this past weekend.  He gave up five runs while pitching (there is a five run limit per inning at this age).  For the next inning or two he looked absolutely miserable.  Very upset with himself.

I was helping coach our team but saw how down he was.  I walked over and put my arms around him, gave him a big hug and told him to relax!  I was able to put a smile on his face and help him get over the blues.

The next inning while catching, he gunned down Reece at third base on an attempted stolen base.  I should have left him to sulk…..


Keeping kids positive is not an easy task.  Here are three ideas to help.


  • Be Positive Yourself!  Be a role model.  You can’t expect your child to be positive if you are miserable and pessimistic all the time.  Show them how to be positive and how to handle uneasy situations.
  • It takes a community.  Let’s make a deal.  If you see my son or daughter sad or upset, please help them out.  I will gladly do the same for yours.  A lot of times parents are unable to get through to their children.  Sometimes the kids need an outside voice or hug in order to get over what’s got them down.  Be a friendly face with a friendly comment.  Thank you in advance.
  • Don’t criticize.  Have you read “How to Win Friends and Influence People“?  I wish we all did.  Among many other gems about how to interact with each other, Dale Carnegie suggests that criticizing is not only a waste of time but it will do the complete opposite of what the criticizer is intending.  He’s right.  Criticizing our youth won’t make them understand better, it will just push them away from us.  This is something I am still working on.


Do your children get down on themselves?  What are some ideas you have to help keep them positive?


-Keith Laskey

How an Umbrella Policy Can Protect You

Umbrella Policies provide excess liability coverage.  It’s coverage that sit’s on top of the liability coverage of your other policies.  It comes into play if you ever find yourself on the wrong end of a lawsuit and you reach the end of your limits on your auto or homeowners policies.


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Umbrella policies insure against the worse case scenario.  If someone falls on your property and sues you, or if you cause an accident and there is significant injury or death to someone as a result of it, or even if your kid says something untrue about someone else on social media.  An Umbrella policy would prove it’s value a hundred fold in any of those cases.


The last reason I gave may be the most frightening of them all.  Kids are on their iDevices constantly these days.  And most of them are on Instagram or at least communicating via text.  Let’s say that your child, Johnny, makes up something about me that he knows is not true.  Something awful that would damage my reputation.  The rumor gets around to the community and now people are unsure what to believe.


I would have no choice but to protect my name.  I would need to file a lawsuit against you, the parent.  Your Homeowner’s policy would deny coverage but an Umbrella policy would protect you from this circumstance.


Here are a few other things to know about Umbrella Policies.

  • They are fairly inexpensive.  A $1 Million policy cost as low as $250 to $400.

  • Young drivers, rental properties, multiple vehicles will increase the cost.

  • Umbrella policies help pay for your legal fees and settlements above your regular insurance limits.  Your assets may be at stake without it.

  • Liability risks are everywhere. Do you have a teen Driver? Do you host parties? Do you have a pool, hot tub or boat? Do you have a housekeeper?  These are all risk factors.

  • An Umbrella policy is most useful for protecting your net worth.


Our agency recommends that all homeowners consider having a $1 Million Umbrella policy.  If you have a pool or another risk that I stated above than you should increase that to $2 Million.


Contact your agent and ask for a quote to add an Umbrella Policy.  It’s usually best to get the policy with the same carrier that you have your auto and homeowners policies to take advantage of multi-account discounts.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.


-Keith Laskey

How to Get Your Wife to Divorce You.


James Altcher wrote about this a few months ago in this post.   So the idea behind this post is inspired from James but the thoughts are my own.   I would highly recommend checking out Altucher’s site as well as his latest book, “Choose Yourself”, as they are full of fantastic ideas.


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Do you know how they calculate the divorce rate?  Basically, they take the number of marriages and divide it by the number of divorces.  So if 1,000 couples got married in 2013 and 500 couples got divorced in 2013 than the divorce rate is 50%.  It’s rarely ever the same couple that gets married and divorced in the same year.  So the divorce rate isn’t exactly accurate.


Having said that there are still a lot of people getting divorced.  So, it appears obvious to me that I need to help this large group of people.  I have come up with many ways to assist both men and women with ending their marriages.  Here is a list of ten that men can use to separate themselves from their wife.


1.  Never take her out.

Don’t do date nights.  Don’t take her shopping.  Don’t get together with her friends or go along on your kids’ play dates.  If she needs to go somewhere, tell her you just want to stay home.  This works especially well if it’s snowing or raining.


2.  NEVER surprise her with a thoughtful gift.

Flowers, chocolate, a latte.  Avoid all of these things.  If you are out and you see something you know she would absolutely love, just turn your head and walk the other way.  Do not under any circumstance buy her anything that would put a smile on her face.


3.  Don’t Clean Anything.

She made the dinner, she should clean up the dishes.  She washed the clothes, she should fold them. And the biggest one of all, the bathrooms.  Did you and your college roommates ever clean your bathroom?  Why on earth should you start now??


4.  Be as dirty and disgusting as possible.

Never shower or brush your teeth.  You may get a few cavities but it is so worth it.  Bad breath and bad body odor are great ways of getting your wife to not want to be around you. Don’t wash your clothes either.  This works great if you have been at a smoky bar.  You clothes will reek for days like smoke.


5.  Never compliment her.

It will driver her crazy if she spent two hours getting ready and you don’t say a word to her about the way she looks.  This is a good thing.  Don’t say a word.  If she says that you look handsome, just say something obnoxious like “yeah I know, you ready to go yet?”  This will set the tone for an awful evening which is perfect for your master plan.


6.  Saturdays and Sundays are for Football only.

The pre-game College football shows start at 10:00 AM.  And the last game doesn’t end until about 1:00 AM, Sunday.  You’re a guy, you need to watch football.  And make sure she knows to forget about you being around on Sunday.  In fact, if she has a desire to leave the house on Saturday then tell her to go to the store for snacks and beer for you on Sunday.


7.  The kids are her responsibility.

Bath time?  Please.  Bedtime stories?  You gotta be kidding me.  She wanted the kids so she needs to be on kid duty.  Besides once you’re divorced you’ll only have them once every other weekend anyway.  And you’re just going to be watching football when they’re with you so why start getting involved now!  Oh yeah, get an iPad or a second TV.  Something to keep them occupied for two days when they are with you so you can focus on the games.


8.  Talk, laugh, smile and flirt with pretty and younger girls.

There will be times when you are forced to go out with your wife.  Holiday parties, birthday parties.  Even, God forbid, an occasional dinner.  Find the most attractive girl at the party and strike up a conversation.  The younger the better.  And then talk about how much fun you had with the other girl with your wife.


9.  Forget everything she tells you.

You’re probably already good at this anyway.  This serves a few different purposes.  By forgetting what she says you will totally annoy her.  It also shows her that you just don’t care about her or what she has to say.  It shows you have no interest in her thoughts, opinions, stories or anything else regarding her whatsoever.  Keep up the good work!


10.  Never stand up for her.

This may be the most important.  Make her feel like she is on an island.  All by herself.  When there is an issue between your families or friends, don’t take her side.  It works even better if you can do it publicly, around the other parties involved.  Make sure everyone knows that you are not on her side.  Make her think she is crazy for thinking the way she does.


If, by chance, you are interested in having a happy and healthy marriage than do the complete opposite of everything I recommended above.  I for one love my wife very much and I know I will be doing just that.

If you like this post, please feel free to share it.  Comments are always welcome.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this list.  Also, check out James Altucher.  He is one of the most interesting writers that I know.


-Keith Laskey-

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