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Progressive’s Snapshot Program

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Here is an idea, determine the cost of Auto insurance based on driving habits.  I know you may think that this concept is silly but that is exactly what Progressive is doing with their Snapshot discount program.  Sure, they still take into consideration credit scores, whether or not you own a home or not, married or single, etc. and like every other carrier you will be given a quote based on these and many other factors.  That is when Snapshot comes in play.  Based on your driving habits, you may be able to cut your rate down 30%!  That is a discount that none of the other carriers are offering and one that cannot be ignored.  Are you a good fit for Snapshot?

“Daddy, can I borrow the car?”


1. Are you willing to plug the Snapshot device into your vehicle for 30 days?

2. Do you drive your vehicle less than 15,000 miles per year?

3. For the most part, is your car parked during the hours of midnight and 4 a.m.?

4. Do you refrain from braking hard?


If your answer to these questions is YES than you are a good fit for Snapshot.


Here’s how it works;


Once you sign up, Progressive will send you a small device that you connect to a port in your vehicle.  Plug it in as soon as you get it.  Snapshot is compatible with most Model year cars 1996 or newer.


The device measures how, when, and how much you drive, and transmits that information to Progressive automatically-you don’t have to do anything.  It is not a GPS and cannot tell where you are.


After 30 days, you could earn an initial discount of up to 30 percent for the rest of your first policy period based on your diving habits.  You may find that the discount is lower than 30 % but again, it is based on your driving habits.


You return the device to Progressive (Yes they do include a box and postage to return the device). You will receive your final discount which will continue for the life of your policy or until Progressive requests updated vehicle use information.  You can even try for a lower discount if you think your driving habits have improved!


A few more things;


Snapshot records your speed, hard brakes and times the vehicle is driven each time the vehicle is turned on, all of which can be reviewed on-line.  This is tremendous for parents with teenagers behind the wheel!


Your rate CANNOT increase if you have poor driving habits.


You can review your account on-line and even get updates on your discount.


Snapshot is a no-brainer if you already have a Progressive policy especially because your rate can only decrease.  If you have a different insurance carrier, you might find the potential discount may be worth looking into.  We are in a time when money is tight and this may prove to be a golden opportunity to cut down on your bills just by doing the things you already do.  Thank you for your time, be safe out there.



-Keith Laskey-

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