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Youth Development: Learning From Jackie Robinson

  Here are some facts about Jackie Robinson's baseball career.   Became the first black man to play for a Major league baseball team on 4/15/1947 with the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Rookie of the Year in 1947.   MVP in 1949 (Became the … [Continue reading]

Healthy Living: Keeping Kids Positive

Have kids always been so negative?  I see it at every youth sporting event.  Kids get so down on themselves!  If they make an error in the field, a mistake at the plate or foul on the court.  The shrugged shoulders, teary eyes, slammed bats and … [Continue reading]

Social Responsibility-Help at the Supermarket

  Social Responsibility- Giving back and providing support to our neighbors.   I sometimes wish that the supermarket checkout person was a nutritionist.  I would get to the line, put my food on the conveyor belt and have the … [Continue reading]

Are We Overworking Our Kids with Sports

Things were a lot different 25 years ago when I was a ten year old boy.  Spring was for baseball, summer was All-Star baseball (if you made it), Fall was for soccer and Winter was for basketball.  Now, sports like baseball and soccer are year round. … [Continue reading]

Five Easy Changes for a Healthier Life

I recently became a Board member of the Pottstown YMCA.  A role that I am taking very seriously.  As it turns out, my values are very similar to the values of the Y.  I didn't realize this until my first board meeting.  The YMCA has three main areas … [Continue reading]