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Understanding Your PA Auto Insurance Policy – Property Damage

Property Damage (PD)   What does PD cover? The Property Damage coverage on your PA Auto policy would provide coverage to you in the event that you are legally responsible because of an auto accident.  If it has been determined that you are … [Continue reading]

Understanding Your PA Auto Insurance Policy – Bodily Injury

  For the next 2 weeks this site will be focusing on understanding the Pennsylvania Auto Insurance policy.  What your coverage options are, what is recommended, how you can save money and much, much more. This isn't exactly the most … [Continue reading]

Encompass Insurance Offers a Company Car Discount on Auto Insurance Policies

    Now this is an awesome idea! Multi-car discounts are great.  But for people with a company car and only one other vehicle, this discount has been unavailable. Not anymore. Usually, insurance consumers aren't even aware they … [Continue reading]

How to Instantly Defrost Ice on Your Windshield

  Look, until we all move to Florida we are going to have to deal with ridiculously cold temperatures.  Freezing cold cars, high winds trying to blow down your house and the dreaded ice covered windshield.   Up until now the best … [Continue reading]

Does a PA Auto Policy cover crashes that involve deer?

Did you know???   Crashes that involve deer occur most often in November!   Apparently Fall is the mating season for deer so the mother and father deer are out and about with their fawns.  I don't blame them.  Sitting at home all day … [Continue reading]