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Coverage Recommendations on PA Auto Insurance Policy

Most of the people I speak to day in and day out do not know their coverage limits on their auto policy. Worse yet, they don't know the difference in price if they were to increase their limits of liability or decrease their deductibles. This post … [Continue reading]

Should a Couple Combine Auto Policies?

Yes, absolutely. That is, if it makes sense financially. If your new spouse or significant other has 3 accidents and a DUI and you have a clean record (no accidents or violations) than no, don't combine them. But the insurance companies are pretty … [Continue reading]

Should I Increase my Homeowners Deductible?

Yes, do what I did. I went from a $250 deductible to $1000! Increase it. Do it today. You'll save about $75-100, maybe as much as $130 or $140!  It depends on so many factors so it's impossible to say exactly what the savings will be until your … [Continue reading]

Me, my dad and John Lennon

..........................This Post originally appeared on October 9, 2012. ...............     He would be 72 years old today. How wonderful it would have been to have him over the course of the last 30 years to share his … [Continue reading]

Do I need Comp and Collision Coverage

COLLISION COVERAGE If you have a loan or a lease on your vehicle than yes, you need comp and collision coverage. If you do not have a loan or lease on your vehicle than no, you do not need comp or collision coverage. Simple as that. When … [Continue reading]