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Local Woman’s Car is Crushed by Fallen Tree. Who Pays?

  Imagine you are sitting at a red light waiting patiently for the light to turn green.  Maybe fiddling with the radio, probably messing with your phone.  Definitely NOT playing Pokemon!! BOOM!!!!!  A tree crashes onto your car and destroys … [Continue reading]

Condo Insurance – Do You Have the Right PA Homeowners Policy?

We bought a new house in December of 2015.  It was torture.  If you have ever sold one house and bought another you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.  Very stressful times. One thing that I thought I had under control was the … [Continue reading]

Coverage for cars caused by wind blown shingles and trees.

We have had some epic windstorms the last week here in PA.  Probably the same type weather in the entire region.  It was crazy!  Today we received a phone call from one of our insureds.  Apparently their neighbor has scratches to their cars due to … [Continue reading]

Are Musical Instruments covered under a Homeowners Policy?

Most likely, yes.   Musical instruments are considered personal property and therefore, have the same coverage as your other personal property.  Personal property consists of anything that you would take with you if you were to move. Your … [Continue reading]

Understanding Your PA Auto Insurance Policy – Property Damage

Property Damage (PD)   What does PD cover? The Property Damage coverage on your PA Auto policy would provide coverage to you in the event that you are legally responsible because of an auto accident.  If it has been determined that you are … [Continue reading]