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How Safeco Rewind can Forgive an Existing Accident

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What is Safeco Rewind?

Safeco Rewind is a program offered  by Safeco Insurance that allows a driver to have an existing accident, minor violation or speeding ticket waived for the first policy term just for agreeing to participate.  By agreeing to participate, you are agreeing to install a Rewind device into your vehicle.  The device will collect data on how well you drive for a four-month evaluation period.  If you qualify during that evaluation period than Safeco will permanently waive the accident, violation or ticket.



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How it Works

The Rewind device will be sent to you with instructions on how to install.  It’s just a matter of plugging it in, very easy to do.

While you drive, the device will collect data that will hopefully prove you are a responsible driver.  This data can be accessed though a secure website.

Once the four-month evaluation period is over you will receive a pre-paid envelope to send the device back to Safeco.  Safeco will also let you know if you qualify to have your driving setback permanently waived-like it never happened.


What data is collected?

Ok, here is where some people will become disinterested.  The device will collect vehicle mileage, speed, acceleration, time and date, location, and when it has been disconnected or connected.  The device should not be disconnected at any point during the 4-month evaluation period as this could raise a red flag.


Why is data on the location collected?

Safeco states the GPS is used to show drivers where unsafe events occur.  Vehicle location is used only for customer service, or as required by law.  I guess if you are a witness to a crime then the information could potentially be used.

Rewind will give participating drivers a driving safety score.  Drivers with fewer unsafe events per mile will achieve a better score.  Unsafe events include, hard brakes, quick acceleration, excess speed and driving in unsafe locations.  This is how the location data can come into play.  If you spend a lot of time in a high crime area than you can expect your safety score to be low.


Who should try Safeco Rewind?

If your driving record is clean, aside from one mishap, than you should look into it.  I have seen the proposals from Safeco decrease hundreds of dollars on many occasions when I add Rewind.  If your rate shoots up from your existing carrier due to an accident or violation than Safeco Rewind may be the answer for you.


What do you think?

Is this too Big Brother for you?  Or would you be interested in giving Safeco Rewind a try?  Contact me with any questions you have.  I’ll help if I can or I’ll find someone who will if I can’t.


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