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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Mold in Pennsylvania?

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It’s very common to find mold in a house.  Don’t go crazy if you make this discovery.  In Pennsylvania, most houses are built with basements.  Below ground, dark, a lot of moisture.  Perfect breeding ground for mold.



Example of Mold on a basement wall.

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Home owners ask all the time, how does your Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance Policy respond to mold?

Mold is both specifically excluded on a policy and also covered.


When is Mold Excluded?


Mold is excluded on a PA Homeowners insurance policy when it is growing without a covered cause of loss.  Say you have a damp basement.  There have been no pipe leaks or any other specific issue causing the dampness. it’s just a damp dark part of your house.  Over the course of time mold forms.  This is not going to be covered?  There was nothing that occurred to cause the mold to grow.

Another reason why mold would be excluded would be if water leaked in through a basement window.  We had a massive thunderstorm a month or two after moving into our first house in Royersford, PA.  We didn’t realize it but our gutters were clogged.  Rain could not get through the downspouts so it poured over the gutters and into our basement window well.

The window allowed water to then race into our basement and down the wall.  We did a good job cleaning it up but discovered a little bit of mold growing a short time later.  Luckily it was not in a hidden area as we spotted it and took care of it.  But if it was hidden than it could have been a major issue.

This would not be covered because ground water that enters the house is specifically exclude on a Homeowners policy.  This is not a covered cause of loss.


Here are a few other common denied claims. 



Existence of Mold on wood in the basement.

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When is Mold covered?

I can’t speak for every Homeowners insurance policy in the state of PA.  But I think most policies generally provide coverage for at least some similar things.  Pipe breaks, for example, are covered on every policy I have seen.

Say you have a pipe in a hidden area that allows water to leak.  You don’t notice it for a while and then when you finally do, you also discover mold.  This would be covered.

Another common example would be people that return home from a vacation to find water has been leaking.  This could be an absolutely devastating event as water that leaks constantly for a lengthy period of time can destroy entire houses.


Some other examples of covered causes of loss…

  • Appliance Leaks or Malfunctions (Washing machine/Dish Washer, etc.)
  • Backup of sewer or drain (MUST have an endorsement for this)
  • Water damage/existence of mold due to heavy rain
  • Bath tub overflow (You’d be surprised)

Your Homeowners Insurance Policy limits how much they will pay for mold.

Yup.  $5,000.  That’s your limit.  Not a lot.  Having said that, I have been in insurance for about 10 years and have never seen a mold claim reach it’s limit.  There have been plenty of claims for mold but rarely does it go over the limit.


How to prevent mold.

Be aware of the house.  Pay close attention to the areas that you can’t see.  Areas that aren’t always visible like under the sinks, behind the washing machines, all corners of your basement.  Clean your gutters so that water can drain off your roof and away from your house.  We installed glass block windows in our basement to secure that opening.  Also, don’t forget the attic.  Every so often take a look around the attic or crawl space above the top story of your house to make sure water isn’t getting in.


What to do if you find mold.

Call your agent.  Let them know what’s going on so they can advise.  Call a professional if you have serious mold growth.  Mold can have some nasty effects especially to young children with asthma and other breathing issues.  Unless it is a very small amount, don’t try to clean it yourself.  You want to make sure you get all of it out of the house as well as make sure the cause of the mold is determined and fixed.



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