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13 Ways to Save Money on Auto Insurance

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We have all seen the great Discount Double Check commercials from State Farm.  They are fantastic.  I love that female cheesehead, I love Da Bear’s fans and I LOVE Aaron Rodgers.  But c’mon man, you don’t think that State Farm agents are the only insurance agents that make sure you are getting all available discounts do you?

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In our office, we have an auto discounts and advantages checklist from Travelers Insurance.  There are thirteen different discounts that we check for on every single policy and quote.

Here are the discounts.


  • Safe Driver Advantage.  No accidents, violations or major comprehensive claims in the household.
  • Early Quote Advantage.  If we can quote your policy eight days or more in advance, you qualify.
  • Multi-policy discount.  Own a home?  Get a homeowners quote for a big discount.
  • Hybrid vehicle discount.  Up to 10% if you have a hybrid.
  • Good student discount.  Have a young driver with good grades? Let us know.
  • Driver Training Discount.  Did your child go to a driving school?
  • Student away at school.  Does your son or daughter go to a school 100 plus miles away?
  • Home Ownership discount.  Even if your homeowners or condo policy is not with Travelers, if you own a home you get a credit.
  • Multi-car discount.  Having more than one car on a policy will get you a discount.
  • Paid in Full Discount.  The rate is cheaper if you pay in full PLUS you avoid annoying service charges.
  • New Car discount.  Is your car less than three years old?  There is an opportunity for savings.
  • Home buyer discount.  Did you recently purchase a home? There is a discount for that too!
  • Accident Forgiveness.  Depending on what state you are in and how long you have had a Travelers Auto policy, you may be eligible for accident forgiveness.


These discounts are for newly issued Auto policies.  Some existing Travelers polices are not eligible for a few of the above mentioned discounts, like the Paid in Full or Hybrid discounts.  Talk to your agent about possibly rewriting your policy if your policy is not eligible.  Rewriting a policy can sometimes be a tremendous way of saving money.


Many of these discounts are offered by all carriers, especially the Paid in Full, Multi-car, Multi-policy, and Homeownership discounts.  You don’t need to be insured with Travelers or State Farm to take advantage.


Call your agent.  Ask the agency to review your auto policy to make sure you are getting every discount that you are eligible for.


My name is Keith Laskey. I write about insurance, youth development and adult success. Please contact me at my office, 610-948-4830, for any insurance related questions or concerns.
For the dog lovers out there,  this is my favorite Travelers commercial!


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