How to Instantly Defrost Ice on Your Windshield

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Look, until we all move to Florida we are going to have to deal with ridiculously cold temperatures.  Freezing cold cars, high winds trying to blow down your house and the dreaded ice covered windshield.


Up until now the best approach I have found to get rid of ice on a windshield is to turn the car on with the defrost on high.  That does work but it’s 100% ineffective if you are in any type of rush.  Plus it doesn’t take care of the ice on your side windows.


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We need another solution that works quickly! 

I received a newsletter through email yesterday from True Blue Auto Glass.  They are a local auto glass shop that repairs and replaces windshields.  Solid company with excellent customer service.

The email was all about the cold weather and how it relates to our windshields.  They suggest being gentle with the ice scrapers as you do not want to chip the windshield.  Even the smallest chip in frigid temperatures could turn into a significant crack.

But further down in their newsletter they made another suggestion that may give us the instant gratification that we are looking for.


How to Instantly Defrost Ice from Your Windshield

Get a spray bottle and fill it 2/3 of the way with rubbing alcohol. Fill the remaining 1/3 up with water.  Shake it up and have it ready for the next time you need it.  When the time comes, spray the windows and windshield with the mixture.  This should defrost the ice instantly!

You may still need to scrape the melted ice from the car, either that or use your wipers to clear the windshield.  But your days of scraping hard ice should be over!

I have also seen other articles online that suggest an alcohol/dish soap mixture.  Try them both and see which one works better.  If either of them work at all then it will be a massive upgrade to the current method of scraping hard ice or waiting in a cold car for the defrost to work.

Plus, you can keep the mixture in the trunk or garage as it will never freeze!


What to do if you Crack your Windshield while scraping

This is a comprehensive claim.  I suggest keeping your comprehensive deductible low, $100 is good.  Some companies, like Travelers Insurance, now offer the option of a special glass deductible.  So you could have a $100 comprehensive deductible with a $50 glass deductible.

This is something you should consider doing.  Check out this post for more information on comprehensive coverage.
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