Does a PA Auto Policy cover crashes that involve deer?


Did you know???


Crashes that involve deer occur most often in November!


Apparently Fall is the mating season for deer so the mother and father deer are out and about with their fawns.  I don’t blame them.  Sitting at home all day and night with my kids makes me crazy too!

October and December have the second and third most deer related crashes.

So, look out for those crazy deer families as you’re out driving with your crazy human families.


Wild Deer, Maine Jeff Hawkins via Compfight


Are crashes with deer covered on a PA Auto policy?


Yes.  But you need Comprehensive coverage.  Comp coverage is typically very inexpensive, much less than Collision coverage.  Even if you have a 20 year old car with little value, it may be smart to have comp coverage.

One of our insured’s just purchased a 1995 Ford Aerostar for  $500.  You would think they would just want liability coverage, right?  Wrong.  The cost to add a $100 comp deductible was $35 for the year!  So, if a rock smashes the windshield next week and they need to get a new one, they will only pay their $100 deductible.

Crashes that involve deer, or other animals, would also fall into Comprehensive coverage.  Even if your brand new Mercedes is totalled due to a crash with a deer, you would still only pay your comp deductible.


Does a Comprehensive claim affect your rate?


Funny you should ask.  Just recently the PA Insurance Commissioner, Teresa Miller, has reminded PA drivers that their insurance companies CANNOT surcharge a policy due to a crash involving a deer.  This is tremendous news as PA happens to have the second most deer related crashes in the country!

So, no, your policy will not suffer an increase due to a crash with a deer.


What should your Comprehensive deductible be?


Keep it low.  I like it at $100.  Travelers just came out with their new Quantum 2 Program that allows you to have a separate Glass deductible of $50.  So claims for vandalism, crashes with deer and damage due to fallen trees would have a $100 deductible (if you chose that deductible) and damage to glass would be only $50.

Also, if you have damage to glass that can be repaired than there is no deductible!


How would a Comprehensive claim effect a new policy with a new carrier?


This situation is different.  If you have a comp claim and the shop around, you will find that the rate you get from a new carrier will be higher than if you no claim at all.  You still may be better off re-writing the policy with the new carrier but the new rate would have been cheaper had you not had a claim at all.


Keep in mind!


Deer are most active at dusk and dawn and they tend to travel in groups.  You will rarely just see one.  We turn back the clocks on November 1st, which means we will all be doing a lot more driving during these two times of the day.

Slow down and be on the lookout.  Although a crash with a deer wont impact your rates, it could still absolutely ruin your night.  Probably wouldn’t make that deer family very happy either.


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