Coverage for cars caused by wind blown shingles and trees.

We have had some epic windstorms the last week here in PA.  Probably the same type weather in the entire region.  It was crazy! 

Today we received a phone call from one of our insureds.  Apparently their neighbor has scratches to their cars due to shingles that blew off our insured’s roof.  The neighbors are hoping our insured’s insurance company will pay to repair the damage.


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What does my Homeowners Insurance policy pay for?


There are two sections to your Homeowners policy.  Section 1 provides coverage for the following things.


  • Dwelling.  
    • Roof, shingles, walls, floors, etc.
  • Personal Property.
    • Whatever you would take with you if you were to move.
  • Other Structures.
    • Sheds, detached garages, pools, fences….
  • Loss of Use.
    • If you were to have a covered claim and could not stay in the house due to the damage, your policy would pay for alternative living arrangements as well as excess cost of food.

Section 2 provides coverage for Liability.  If someone were to slip and fall at your house and sued you.  Also, if someone were to get injured at your house and needed medical treatment.  Your policy provides funds for medical treatment to others.


Your policy does not provide coverage for property that is not owned by you.


The most common example of this is when a tree that stands on your property falls and lands on a neighbors house or car.  Often, the neighbor would want you to pay for their damage.  Whether or not you pay for that damage is up to you.  But your insurance company is under no obligation to pay.

Your insurance policy is a contract between you and the insurance company.  You agree to pay the premium and they agree to pay for damage to property owned by you.


Who pays for the damage to the car?


The neighbor should contact their auto insurance company and report a comprehensive claim.  Often comp deductibles are lower than collision.  I recommend a $100 deductible at the most?  Also, the price of comprehensive coverage is typically much less than the cost of collision coverage.


Will my neighbors auto insurance rate increase due to a comp claim?


I can’t say for sure.  We represent several carriers, Travelers, Encompass, Safeco, and Progressive just to name a few.  A comp claim would not cause a rate increase from any of those carriers.

There could be a potential affect on the rate if you were to try and rewrite the policy with a different carrier or even with the same carrier.  We have seen quotes increase by about a hundred dollars or so after we indicate that the driver had a comprehensive claim.

So there is typically no increase in price on a policy renewal due to a comp claim but the cost of a re-written policy is typically more than it would have been if the claim was never filed.  This post provides more information on comprehensive and collision coverage.


Are you in a situation where you have damage due to a neighbor’s falled property?  Is a neighbor asking you to help pay for damage to their property due to something that blew off your property?


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